Lady Valerie Corbett,

Founder The Corbett Network for Prisoneer Reintegration, The Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Reintegration & Lady Val’s Professional Women’s Network

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Lady Valerie Corbett has a media background in national newspapers and magazines, scriptwriter for BBC, founder director of independent production company, plus co-wrote three non-fiction books and six novels.

The Lady Val Network started 14 years ago with the motto: “There’s a special place in hell for any woman who doesn’t help another woman”. Lady Corbett began prison reform work in 2013 after death of her husband, Robin Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, Chair of All Party Penal Affairs Group who said “Prison wasn’t full of bad people, it was full of people who’d done bad things and most needed a chance to change.”

The annual Robin Corbett Award shares £10K with three winners who do the most to support people from prison. The presentation is done in the House of Commons.

In 2017 Lady Corbett established the Corbett Network, a coalition of major charities, social enterprises and CIC’s who focus on jobs for returning citizens which reduces reoffending.