Our Mission.

Recognising and Celebrating Facilitators who delivery exceptional Training. Because we know quality high quality training is transformative.  

Our Values.

Ensuring our values guide our decisions and our facilitation and training is the Golden thread throughout all our work.

We aim to celebrate and elevate all those unsung heroes, all the facilitators and trainers who are breaking barriers, working outside the ‘norm’ and working for excellence.

Training is often undervalued and seen as a tick box exercise, we know through the right facilitator can deliver training that can transform teams, organisations even lives! Our aim is to raise the profile of exceptional facilitators, give them/you the national recognition they deserve.

Founder of Taye Training, Tammy Banks and founder of MyOhMy Events, Lorna Reeves have joined forces to create these one-of-a- kind awards.

Tammy outlines who were are, and why the National Facilitator Awards are important.

Lorna would like to welcome you and let you know who should apply for the awards

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