Head of Enterprise & Climate Engagement & Partnerships NatWest Group

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Julie Baker is Head of Enterprise and Climate Engagement and Partnerships at NatWest, working with external strategic partners from both the Private and Public Sector who are valued supporters of entrepreneurs in the UK.

Julie’s primary focus is to help those that have traditionally faced the highest barriers to entry including ’Female Founders’, and ’Ethnic Minority Business’ communities. With a 40-year career in the world of banking, Julie has gained significant knowledge from a variety of leadership roles.

Julie presently has responsibility for the Bank’s multi award winning Women in Business program and the Rose Review intervention activity on behalf of Alison Rose. Julie is an ardent supporter of business expansion, job creation and economic growth and is seen as an external influencer who sits on the board of the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership and is Chair of the Access to Finance Group at the APPG for Women in Enterprise.

Julie is passionate about supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and future leaders through mentoring opportunities and valuable connections. Julie is an inspirational role model who is passionate about helping others succeed.