Dr Chrystelle Egger trained as a chemist and finished her PhD in 2003. She worked in 4 different countries, both in academia and in industry. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at Keele University. She re-trained as a Senior Leader with an MBA in 2021.

Chrystelle understands first-hand the power and impact of Education and the numerous life-changing opportunities that it brings.  Her ambition is to engage diverse communities with the learning process, and that journey includes reflecting on the different aspects of Educating and Training. For instance, educating could be viewed as the transfer of knowledge whereas training would be the transfer of experience? When that experience is lived and full of values, the training becomes accessible, relatable and meaningful. Imagine an Education which includes meaningful lived experience?  What impact it would have…! As such, I am very keen to explore the various facets of training with the hope to understand how lived experience and values could be embedded into Education, especially for disengaged and disadvantaged communities.

Outside work, Chrystelle loves spending time with her family and friends, and that involves going back to France for long cycles and lovely meals too!