We want to hear about inspirational facilitators and trainers from across the UK!

Work you have done over the past year deserves to be celebrated, don’t be shy make sure you include everything you worked hard on and have achieved.

The fee to apply is £30 and this goes straight into funding the awards. If you nominate someone, they do not have to pay the fee, you as the nominator have kindly done it for them!

You can apply for up to three awards.

Judging will be done based on a number of criteria relevant to the specific award.

The principles of Expert, Tailored, Engaging and Values Led are the core principles that the judges will be considering in your application.  For each principle, tell us how it is demonstrated in your training.

Each category will ask you questions which you can find here. With your chosen category in mind, tell how you weave these principles into your work.

If we can support you in applying in another format that is not the written form, please contact

We are completely committed to ensuring that our awards are fair and accessible to all. We also know that the community of facilitators is relatively small, and we would like to avoid any bias. For this reason application forms will not record any identifying features. We will split the application forms in half, only the parts relating to the awards questions will go to the judges.


  • Read the questions HERE and prepare your answers
  • Complete application form
  • Pay fee at the end of your application
  • You will receive email confirmation of your application.


  • Complete the nomination form
  • Pay fee at the end of the form
  • Your nominee will receive a certificate of nomination and will be invited to complete a full application form for consideration for the awards.

Inspirational Facilitator

The Inspirational Facilitator Award will go to a facilitator who has an infectious passion for what they deliver, that will leave delegates feeling invigorated, inspired and driven for long after the training. They will evidence that they have enhanced facilitation skills enabling thought-provoking, challenging and relatable training which gives delegates those lightbulb moments. 

Transforming Lives 

The winner of this award will have developed and delivered a course which the delegates report transformed lives, this may be the delegates life or feedback from their team, colleagues, service users, family, friends about the impact of the learning from the session 

Engaging Excellence  

The facilitator who wins the Engaging Excellence award will evidence that they deliver more than just content, they go the extra mile to ensure all delegates in their session are actively engaged and achieving the learning objectives. They will be confident in using technology, activities and questioning to keep delegates engaged.

Innovative Facilitator

Thinking outside the box is a rare quality; the Most Innovative Facilitator Award will go to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional creativity and innovation in designing and delivering training which breaks the mould to provide a unique learning experience.

Values In Action Award 

The Values in Action Award will go to a facilitator who epitomises the power we each have individually and collectively to create meaningful change in the world, and whose values shine in their training delivery. These facilitators are driven by a desire to make the world a better place.

Above and Beyond 

A facilitator who goes Above and Beyond will exceed individuals’ expectations. They go that extra step for their delegates and/or the customer. They provide further information and resources whilst also being flexible to adapt to meet the needs of delegates and customers.  

Making an Impact  

The Making an Impact award will celebrate a facilitator who can demonstrate the impact that they have with measurable results. They will show that they stimulate learning which enables creative, powerful and useful actionable steps to take away from a session and implement

New Facilitator of the Year

Our ‘New Facilitator of the Year’ award is for those trailblazing facilitators who are starting out on their journey and are already considered by their delegates and/or other facilitators as being outstanding in their field. Our New Facilitator of the Year will be passionate about their own learning and development and recognise the importance of continuous improvement.  

Equity Award 

The winner of the Equity Award will demonstrate that they ensure everyone is included within their sessions, breaking barriers with practical solutions that enable individuals to participate and feel they are valued. They will level the playing field and work towards promoting equity both in their training sessions for delegates, and within organisations.

Impactful Online Training 

Our Impactful Online Training award will be given to a facilitator who can evidence that the training they deliver live online has a real impact. They will know their technology, using innovative and interactive techniques to ensure their training remains engaging to all delegates.